MKFF and Urban & Environmental Policy Institute

Urban & Policy Institute at Occidental College                                                     UEPI Occidental College

Los Angeles, California

Mission: UEPI is a social change organization at Occidental College that connects ideas and actions to create a more just, livable and green society. UEPI works both on the Occidental campus and in the community to fulfill this mission through four strategies: mobilize, innovate, connect and educate, and in line with three values: just, livable and green. UEPI currently works in four main issues areas: food, transportation, built environment and globalization and we continue to explore new topics that fit with our mission and complement our other issues areas.

Moving Kids Forward Foundation provided UEPI’s Parent Workshops and parent- student field trips to local farmers markets.  

The structure of UEPI Parent Workshops:

  1. We talk about what is Farm to Preschool and what their children are learning about that month.
  2.  Nutrition topic-specific discussion, following the handouts we provide.
  3. We then have a physical activity that they can do with their children at home, and integrate a related second nutrition topic.
  4. Lastly, we talk about the importance of farmers’ markets and local foods, as we prepare a cooking/food demonstration for parents to eat.  The recipe is one that is similar to what the children are having at school that month.